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About the Site

I was born the year the WorldWideWeb was created and when Fresh Prince premiered (so yes, that makes me ancient). I am an aspiring sound engineer who has recently rekindled the love I had for web design in my teens.

It's so much fun having a personal site! I found Neocities in April of 2019 and I've been hooked ever since! You can find my first site here! It's very messy with a lot of different content (which I'm hoping to move to different places), but it's still my baby.

I find myself super nostalgic for mid-2000s web design, and am pleased to see that people are still making these types of sites. There's something aesthetically pleasing to me seeing graphic blends and stylized text and div containers that you just don't find on current web sites.



Hey there, thank you for visiting my site (which is best viewed on desktop)! I'm Nikki, your webmaster for your time here. I was formerly known as rxqueen on here (so yes, this is another Deftones-related name, shocker). This is my new personal site. Take a look around and be sure to sign the guestbook on your way out!


  • Created: 08/15/23
  • Updated: 03/17/24


Site Logs

  • 09/06/23: Added chatbox!
  • 09/03/23: Added Webamp!
  • 09/02/23: Added buttons and links of mutuals and everyone else I follow.
  • 08/23/23: Site opened!
Nikki is a fucking webmaster. becomingx23@gmail.com

About Me

Nikki She/Her Lesbian
INFP 4w5 Cancer

  • Hobbies: writing, daydreaming, psychological thriller, anything horror, being open to lots of different music, video games, old web/tech, web design, making graphics/gifs, going down wikipedia/tvtropes rabbit holes, reading memoirs and music biographies, watching documentaries


  • Music: Deftones, Nirvana, Rina Sawayama, Tinashe, FKA twigs, Charli XCX, Ethel Cain, Spiritbox, In This Moment, Lana Del Rey, Hole, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Magdalena Bay, Yves Tumor, Willow, Amaarae, Kelela, Aaliyah, Chloe x Halle, †††, The Weeknd, Crystal Castles, Florence + the Machine, Turnstile, Bring Me the Horizon, JPEGMAFIA, Korn, Poppy, f(x), Sneaker Pimps, Loathe, Tame Impala, Akira Yamaoka, Majesty Crush

  • Film: Love Exposure, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Jennifer's Body, Carrie, May, Perfect Blue, Josie & the Pussycats, Almost Famous, Taxi Driver, Primal Fear

  • Books: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk, Heavier Than Heaven by Charles Cross, Come As You Are by Michael Azerrad, Death and Other Dances by Carla Harvey, Fingers Crossed by Miki Berenyi, Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

  • TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dead Like Me, Veronica Mars, Reply 1997, Fresh Prince, Serial Experiments Lain

  • Games: Nier: Automata, Pokemon Series, Animal Crossing, Silent Hill 1-3, Tekken

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